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The directory on this page describes and provides links to the GODAE Project Office and Working Groups. For general enquiries about GODAE please use the Enquiry Form.


Please note that GODAE has ended in 2008. However, the names below are still valid.

GODAE Project Office

Project Coordinator

For general information on GODAE, current events & dates, documents and more.... please contact

Kirsten Wilmer-Becker, Met Office, UK

GODAE OceanView Co-Chairs


Andreas Schiller, CSIRO, Australia

Eric Dombrowsky, Mercator-Ocean, France

GODAE Working Groups

Intercomparison Working Group

For information on current intercomparison experiments, GODAE metrics and more... please contact the group's co-chairs

Fabrice Hernandez, Mercator-Ocean, France

Matt Martin, Met Office, UK

Coastal and Shelf Seas Working Group (CSSWG)

For information on about the CSSWG, coastal workshops, publications and more... please contact the group's co-chairs

Pierre De Mey, LEGOS, France

Villy Kourafalou, University of Miami, USA

GODAE-IMBER Working Group

For information on ecosystem modelling please contact the group's chair(s)

Pierre Brasseur, CNRS-LEGOS, France

Nicolas Gruber, ETHZ, Switzerland

(New) Working Group on OSSE-OSE's

For information on current observing system experiments please contact

Peter Oke, CSIRO, Australia

Gilles Larnicol, CLS, France







(Last Updated: 13-08-2009)