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The purpose of GODAE

In 1997 acknowledging the need for better ocean observations and ocean forecasts and with the scientific and technical opportunity that readily available satellite data had delivered, the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) was initiated to lead the way in establishing global operational oceanography.

A coordinated international effort is required to achieve this and GODAE provides a framework for this endeavour. The vision is:

“A global system of observations, communications, modelling and assimilation, that will deliver regular, comprehensive information on the state of the oceans, in a way that will promote and engender wide utility and availability of this resource for maximum benefit to the community".

GODAE groups National Systems involved in GODAE

GODAE is creating the conditions for an efficient global ocean measurement network, provided through a variety of direct and remote methods, and sustained long-term on the basis of demonstrated practical utility. The raw and processed information (measured data and analyses) are distributed globally via a system of communications and data serving facilities that satisfy the demand for immediacy and timeliness of information.

Regular depictions of the ocean state are obtained through synthesis of observations with ocean model estimates. The models allow assimilation and integration of complex information in a way that is consistent with current knowledge of ocean physics and dynamics.

GODAE aims to develop practical and robust operational activities for oceanography with great benefit for society. GODAE has and will broaden the knowledge and understanding of the marine environment and ocean climate to improve predictive skills for societal, industrial and commercial applications and for protection of strategic advantages. Additionally GODAE supports the implementation of a comprehensive and integrated ocean observing system.

The final goal is to sustain a reliable, global operational system that provides regular, timely and accurate forecasts and analyses for many different scientific, industrial and governmental applications.


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