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The long-term nature of the GODAE project has in many ways created new ideas and initiatives that are nowadays part of the daily routine of oceanographers. GODAE was one of the first projects to adopt the idea of "Operational Oceanography" and has, with the support of its sponsors and collaborating institutions made it a commom aim for ocean forcast centres today.

The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) is a project in its own right and many of the contributing parts, such as Argo or the GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature pilot project, have been developed and implemented with the help of GODAE.

Climate research also benefits from the work GODAE has put into the development of the observing system and advanced data assimilation techniques.

GODAE is constantly striving to further new areas of ocean research and, with the best oceanographic researcher in its ranks, it is working towards the vision of making operational oceanography a reality.

(Last Updated: 28-02-2008)