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Publication of the CSSWG Special Issue in Ocean Dynamics

( Last Updated: 12-02-2009 )

The Ocean Dynamics special issue devoted to the 2007 Liverpool workshop "Assessing the value of GODAE products in coastal and shelf seas" has been published earlier this month.

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The CSSWG was formed in early 2006 to explore the application and value of GODAE models and products to a number of regional and coastal models in the countries involved in GODAE. Members of the GODAE Coastal and Shelf Seas Group (CSSWG) were invited to contribute to this issue.

Paper editors are Pierre De Mey, Roger Proctor, Brian Powell and George Halliwell.

Papers presented:

Assessment of observational methods with the Representer Matrix Spectra method - application to a 3D coastal model of the Bay of Biscay
M.Le Henaff, P. De Mey, P Marsaleix

Improving stability of regional numerical ocean models
M. Herzfeld

Evaluation of Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment products on South Florida nested simulations with the Hybrid Coordinated Ocean Model
V.H. Kourafalou, G. Peng, H. Kang, P.J. Hogan, O.M. Smedstad, R.H. Weisberg

The influence in initial condictions and open boundary conditions on shelf circulation in a 3D ocean-shelf model of the North Atlantic
S.L.Wakelin, J.T. Holt, R. Proctor

High-resolution ensemble forecasting for the Gulf of Mexico eddies and fronts
F. Counillon, L. Bertino

A nested model of the Cariaco Basin (Venezuela): description of the basin's interior hydrography and interactions with the open ocean
A. Alvera-Azcarate, A. Barth, R.H. Weisberg

Estimating the 4DVAR analysis error of GODAE products
B.S.Powell, A.W. Moore

Impact of GODAE products on nested HYCOM simulation of the West Florida Shelf
G.R. Halliwell Jr, A. Barth, R.H. Weisberg, P. Hogan. O.M. Smedstad, J. Cummings


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