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GODAE effort - what is the current status?

Climate and seasonal forecasting, navy applications, marine safety, fisheries, the offshore industry and management of shelf/coastal areas are among the expected beneficiaries of GODAE.

The anticipated outcomes include

  • Improved coastal, open ocean and climate forecasts
  • A more responsive, efficient and sustainable system for data assembly and distribution
  • An improved foundation for oceanic research and enhanced partnerships between the operational and research communities
  • An enhanced, but cost-effective and sustainable ocean observing system.

Following the transition from the development phase to the demonstration phase of GODAE in 2004 many prototype operational centres have been set up in collaborating nations. These prototype centres provide regular ocean forecasts to users of different backgrounds and with different requirements.


In collaboration with GODAE researchers, the "Marine Environment and Security for the European Area" (Mersea), aims to develop a European system for operational monitoring and forecasting on global and regional scales, modelling ocean physics, biogeochemistry and ecosystems on timescales from days to months. This integrated system currently provides operational ocean products from the European GODAE partners.

Further links to GODAE products are listed below:

AOML Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory - Global near-real time estimates of tropical cyclone heat potential
Argo Argo Project -products
BLUElink> forecasts Ocean Forecasting - Australia, ocean products
BLUElink> - CSIRO Reanalysis "Experimental products"
BLUElink>- POAMA POAMA (Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia)"Experimental products"
ECCO - Ocean products Near real-time ocean estimates
ECCO - reanalysis products ECCO-GODAE delayer-mode reanalysis
ECMWF - ocean products Ocean Analysis - Real time - Reanalysis
FNMOC US principal operational processing center for automated numerical meteorological and oceanographic analyses
GHRSST Global High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature
GODAE Japan Japan - Real time GODAE products
HYCOM HYCOM (HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model) Consortium data & product services
LTSRF Long Term Stewardship and Reanalysis Facility (LTSRF) for the GHRSST project
Mercator-Ocean Mercator - ocean: web images and digital products
Mercator-Ocean Bulletin Web quick look bulletin
Met Office - FOAM FOAM Model Products
MFS Mediterranean Forecasting System Products
NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office
NCOF - ocean products Ocean forecast products
NRL - US. Naval Research Laboratory Real-time global ocean analysis and modeling
TOPAZ system products (North Atlentic and Arctic ocean)
US-GODAE US. GODAE data server



GODAE systems include both high resolution (eddy permitting or eddy resolving) systems that focus on ocean mesoscale description and forecasting, as well as lower resolution systems developed for climate applications.


Demonstration cases

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