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GODAE Special Issue

Front cover - GODAE special issueThe GODAE special issue, published by The Oceanography Society, summarises the achievements and successes of 10 years of GODAE. The collated papers cover a broad range of subjects, from the history of GODAE to new areas of research.

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GODAE: The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment

By M.J. Bell, M. Lefèbvre, P.-Y. Le Traon, N. Smith, and K. Wilmer-Becker

An Overview of Global Observing Systems Relevant to GODAE

By C. Clark and the In Situ Observing System Authors, and S. Wilson and the Satellite Observing System Authors

The GODAE High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project

By C.J. Donlon, K.S. Casey, I.S. Robinson, C.L. Gentemann, R.W. Reynolds, I. Barton, O. Arino, J. Stark, N. Rayner, P. LeBorgne, D. Poulter, J. Vazquez-Cuervo, E. Armstrong, H. Beggs, D. Llewellyn-Jones, P.J. Minnett, C.J. Merchant, and R. Evans

Argo: The Challenge of Continuing 10 Years of Progress

By D. Roemmich and the Argo Steering Team Data Assembly and Processing For Operational Oceanography: 10 Years of Achievements By P.-Y. Le Traon, G. Larnicol, S. Guinehut, S. Pouliquen, A. Bentamy, D. Roemmich, C. Donlon, H. Roquet, G. Jacobs, D. Griffin, F. Bonjean, N. Hoepffner, and L.-A. Breivik Serving

GODAE Data and Products to the Ocean Community

By J.D. Blower, F. Blanc, M. Clancy, P. Cornillon, C. Donlon, P. Hacker, K. Haines, S.C. Hankin, T. Loubrieu, S. Pouliquen, M. Price, T.F. Pugh, and A. Srinivasan

GODAE Systems in Operation

By E. Dombrowsky, L. Bertino, G.B. Brassington, E.P. Chassignet, F. Davidson, H.E. Hurlburt, M. Kamachi, T. Lee, M.J. Martin, S. Mei, and M. Tonani

Ocean Data Assimilation Systems for GODAE

By J. Cummings, L. Bertino, P. Brasseur, I. Fukumori, M. Kamachi, M.J. Martin, K. Mogensen, P. Oke, C.E. Testut, J. Verron, and A. Weaver

High-Resolution Global and Basin-Scale Ocean Analyses and Forecasts

By H.E. Hurlburt, G.B. Brassington, Y. Drillet, M. Kamachi, M. Benkiran, R. Bourdallé-Badie, E.P. Chassignet, G.A. Jacobs, O. Le Galloudec, J.-M. Lellouche, E.J. Metzger, P.R. Oke, T.F. Pugh, A. Schiller, O.M. Smedstad, B. Tranchant, H. Tsujino, N. Usui, and A.J. Wallcraft Validation and

Intercomparison Studies Within GODAE

By F. Hernandez, L. Bertino, G. Brassington, E. Chassignet, J. Cummings, F. Davidson, M. Drévillon, G. Garric, M. Kamachi, J.-M. Lellouche, R. Mahdon, M.J. Martin, A. Ratsimandresy, and C. Regnier

Observing System Evaluations Using GODAE Systems

By P.R. Oke, M.A. Balmaseda, M. Benkiran, J.A. Cummings, E. Dombrowsky, Y. Fujii, S. Guinehut, G. Larnicol, P.-Y. Le Traon, and M.J. Martin

Ocean Initialization for Seasonal Forecasts

Balmaseda, O.J. Alves, A. Arribas, T. Awaji, D.W. Behringer, N. Ferry, Y. Fujii, T. Lee, M. Rienecker, T. Rosati, and D. Stammer

Ocean State Estimation for Climate Research

By T. Lee, T. Awaji, M.A. Balmaseda, E. Greiner, and D. Stammer

Marine Oil Pollution Prediction

By B. Hackett, E. Comerma, P. Daniel, and H. Ichikawa

Applications of GODAE Ocean Current Forecasts to Search and Rescue and Ship Routing

By F.J.M. Davidson, A. Allen, G.B. Brassington, Ø. Breivik, P. Daniel, M. Kamachi, S. Sato, B. King, F. Lefevre, M. Sutton, and H. Kaneko GODAE Applications Useful to

Navies Throughout the World

By G.A. Jacobs, R. Woodham, D. Jourdan, and J. Braithwaite

Applications of Satellite-Derived Ocean Measurements to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting

By G. Goni, M. DeMaria, J. Knaff, C. Sampson, I. Ginis, F. Bringas, A. Mavume, C. Lauer, I.-I. Lin, M.M. Ali, P. Sandery, S. Ramos-Buarque, K. Kang, A. Mehra, E. Chassignet, and G. Halliwell

Applications in Coastal Modeling and Forecasting

By P. De Mey, P. Craig, F. Davidson, C.A. Edwards, Y. Ishikawa, J.C. Kindle, R. Proctor, K.R. Thompson, J. Zhu, and the GODAE Coastal and Shelf Seas Working Group (CSSWG) Community

Integrating Biogeochemistry and Ecology Into Ocean Data Assimilation Systems

By P. Brasseur, N. Gruber, R. Barciela, K. Brander, M. Doron, A. El Moussaoui, A.J. Hobday, M. Huret, A.-S. Kremeur, P. Lehodey, R. Matear, C. Moulin, R. Murtugudde, I. Senina, and E. Svendsen





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