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GODAE Work Plan Priorities

North Atlantic SSTCredits to NCOF, FOAM

GODAE demonstration

The groups involved in GODAE are establishing operational systems whose products fully satisfy user requirements and comply with the highest standards. Demonstrations of the impact and utility of products is the main focus of GODAE. The aim is to develop series of "good" examples of GODAE successes.

GODAE Products

Products will be subject to strict quality control. The importance of error characterisation is fully recognised. GODAE groups collaborate closely to consolidate work on metrics and intercomparison to make sure a minimum set of metrics is internationally implemented. In collaboration with JCOMM, product standardisation will be developed and interoperability between systems ensured.

Observing Systems

Argo float impressionCredits to Scripps Oceanography

The most critical issue for GODAE is the sustainability of the global observing system - especially satellite components. GODAE strongly supports the improvement of the global ocean observing system (altimetry, Argo and SST). Data products generated for GODAE will have added value and impact positive on applications.

Transition from demonstration to operational systems

GODAE will work with JCOMM to define its role for operational oceanography. Examples of transition to operations for the different nations will be promoted. MERCATOR in France, NCOF in the UK, MERSEA in Europe, NOPP projects in the US (e.g. HYCOM, ECCO), BlueLink in Australia and Compass-K in Japan are now preparing the transition to operational status.

New projects/activities

Links with IMBER (Intergated Marine Biogeochemistry Ecosystem Research) have been established to investigate ecosystem modelling for GODAE. A new working group (CSSWG) has been initiated to focus on interfaces between large scale systems and coastal systems.


GODAE plans to organise a second summer school following up on the great success of the first summer school in 2004. The final GODAE symposium will be organised for November 2008 and plans are in place to combine this event with the OSTST meeting.

Further plans also involve a brochure and a dedicated journal issue.

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(Last Updated: 12-06-2008)