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GODAE-IMBER Working Group

Consideration to include ecosystem modelling in GODAE models has started very recently. Connections have been taken up with the IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research) Group, which aims to investigate the sensitivity of marine biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems to global change, on time scales ranging from years to decades.

IMBER is an IGBP - SCOR project focusing on ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystems. The IMBER vision is to provide a comprehensive understanding of, and accurate predictive capacity for, ocean responses to accelerating global change and the consequent effects on the Earth System and human society.

A first meeting (12-13 June 2007 at CNRS, Paris) between GODAE and IMBER representatives started the collaboration between the two communities. The meeting report and presentations can be looked up here.

Find more information on progress of GODAE-IMBER collaboration in the IMBER Newsletter No.8 - Oct 2007.

The plan is to facilitate dialogue between those developing new ecosystem models and the developers of the operational systems. It will be important to establish mutual understanding of the requirements of the two communities. Areas of importance are:

  • Ecosystem modelling & data assimilation

→ Schemes for assimilation of biogeochemical data are under development
→ Current assimilation schemes degrade the biogeochemistry
→ Overall high horizontal and vertical resolution models for the upper ocean are needed
→ Advanced schemes for a finer vertical structure are a key issue for nutrient transport

  • Interaction with coastal and shelf seas systems
  • Support for B-Argo (oxygen sensors are planned to be installed on Argo)
  • Reanalysis


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