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International GODAE Steering Team (IGST)

The IGST is no longer active. The new GODAE OceanView Science Team (GOVST) will take over many of the IGST responsibilities and further information about its progress and future plan can be found on the GODAE OceanView page.

IGST Members (see above)

The International GODAE Steering Team was formed as an outcome of the first GODAE Workshop. At that workshop a set of tasks was agreed for the Steering Team and subsequently adapted for the Terms of Reference:

  • The International GODAE Steering Team is convened through the initiative of an informal partnership among agencies with a key stake in the development of GODAE (the GODAE Patrons).
  • The membership of the IGST is nominated by the GODAE Patrons. The term of membership will normally be four years but can be extended with the agreement of the Patrons.

The International GODAE Steering Team (IGST) has sole responsibility for the development of the Project. The Terms of Reference of the IGST are to:

  1. Promote the development of regional and global demonstrations of the value of ocean data assimilation systems in describing the state of the ocean through pilot projects and other focussed tasks.
  2. Provide the scientific basis for and promote improvements in the ocean observing system, data assimilation algorithms and ocean models.
  3. Evaluate scientific and technical developments so as to optimize the use of knowledge and technology in GODAE implementation.
  4. Liaise with other international programs of interest to, and interested in, GODAE
  5. Develop collaborations and improved communications within the GODAE participants and with external users.
  6. Develop plans for future operational global data assimilation activities.


(Last Updated: 01-04-2009)