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Coastal and Shelf Seas Working Group (CSSWG)


The 2002 GODAE Development and Implementation Plan states: “ Climate and seasonal forecasting, navy applications, marine safety, fisheries, the offshore industry and management of shelf/coastal areas are among the expected beneficiaries of GODAE.” The usefulness of GODAE systems to coastal and shelf seas forecasting will therefore be one of the measures of the success of the project.

Map of CSS projects Map of CSS system projects: Click the project names (P__) or geographical areas on the map to access project descriptions
P1 - Regional Ocean around Southern Africa (TOMOROSA) P2 - ROAM / ROAM II (Australia) P3 - CLAM-TC (Australia) P4 - Ocean Data Assimilation and Nowcasting System for the China Marginal Seas (China) P5 - Mohn-Sverdrup Center South China Sea HYCOM (MSC-SCS) P6 - Comprehensive nowcast/forecast system for the Japan coast (MOVE/MRI.COM-JC) P7 - Monitoring and forecasting system of the ocean circulation off Rokkasho P8 - Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment (JCOPE) P9 - National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP) GODAE HYCOM P10 - CoBIOPP / CoNESTS - North America West Coast P11 - CODAE California / Monterey Bay P12 - Oregon Coast (OSU-NRL-NCAR NOPP-CODAE) P10 - CoBIOPP / CoNESTS - Gulf of Mexico P13 - HYPO (NOPP-CODAE) / Gulf of Mexico P14 - Northern Gulf of Mexico (NOPP GODAE HYCOM) P15 - Mohn-Sverdrup Center Gulf of Mexico HYCOM (MSC-GOM) P16 - Canada-Newfoundland Operational Ocean Forecasting System (C-NOOFS) P17 - US Northeast Coast (WHOI) P18 - Mohn Sverdrup Center Barents Sea HYCOM (MSC-Barents) P19 - DAMOCLES (Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Studies) P20 - Eddy resolving HYCOM model of the Nordic Seas (NORDIC) P21 - Mohn-Sverdrup Center Norwegian Sea Ecosystem MSC-NWS-ECO P22 - Mohn-Sverdrup Center CONMAN HYCOM (MSC-CONMAN) P23 - ECOOP BalEco (Finland) P24 - Modeling the Baltic Sea with coupled POP and CICE model (IOPAS-POPCICE) (Poland) P25 - MERSEA-ECOOP Baltic-North Sea System (DMI) P26 - ECCOP BSHcmod (Germany) P27 - MONCOZE (Norway) P28 - MERCATOR FAÇADE (France) P29 - ECOOP POL Coastal Observatory (UK) P30 - ECCOP Establecimiento de un Sistema Español de Oceaonografía Operacional (ESEOO) (Spain) P31 - MOUTON (Northeast Atlantic) P31 - MOUTON (Indian Ocean) P32 - ECOOP-MOON-COOL (IMEDEA GODAE) (Spain) P33 - ADRICOSM (Italy) P34 - ALERMO (Greece) P35 - NWMED (France) P36 - Hawaii regional nowcast/forecast system P37 - NOOS POLCOMS-ERSEM (UK) P38 - NOOS Western Channel Observatory (UK) Africa - P1 Australia - P2, P3 China Seas - P4, P5 Japan Seas - P6, P7, P8 Indian Ocean - P31 North Pacific - P36 North America West Coast - P9, P10(partly), P11, P12 Gulf of Mexico - P10(partly), P13, P14, P15 North America East Coast - P16, P17 Arctic and Nordic Seas - P18, P19, P20 Norwegian, Baltic and North Sea - P21, P22, P23, P24, P25, P26, P27 Northeast Atlantic - P28, P29, P30, P31, P37, P38 Mediterranean - P32, P33, P34, P35

The consensus within the GODAE project is that it is too early to develop the large-scale coordination effort required to comprehensively meet the needs of, and get feedback from, a very wide range of coastal modellers and users, but that exploring the application of GODAE models to a relatively small number of regional and coastal models in the countries involved in GODAE is within reach. It is particularly important for GODAE to examine how the suitability of the existing large-scale estimates to coastal downscaling can be improved.

With that purpose in mind, it is felt that an important part of the work will be to share experience gained from using the different existing Coastal and Shelf Seas (CSS) systems during the life of the GODAE project (typically up to 2008).

An ad hoc working group, the GODAE Coastal and Shelf Seas Working Group (CSSWG), was created at the beginning of 2006 with the mission to

define, monitor, and promote actions, within GODAE, aimed at the assessment and demonstration of the value of GODAE results for regional, coastal and shelf seas models and forecasting systems, within the 2006-2008 time frame.


The second edition of the CSSWG White Paper contains a few updates with respect to the first position paper, an updated list of the CSS projects, some new references, and updated descriptions of some system. The focus is on regional seas, marginal seas, coastal seas, and on processes linked to the exchanges between the shelf and the open ocean and atmosphere-ocean interactions at the coastal scale.

First workshop

As of 2007, a number of real-time and offline global and regional ocean simulations are available for use, for instance by regional and coastal modellers seeking suitable initial and boundary conditions within their particular geographic domain. In order to foster interactions between coastal modellers using or planning to use large-scale GODAE products, and between them and the large-scale GODAE systems a first Coastal and Shelf Seas Workshop took place at POL, Liverpool in October 2007.


CSSWG Workshop Group Photo, October 2007 Participants of the first CSSWG Workshop, 10-11 October 2007, Liverpool, POL


Outcomes of this workshop will be published with the third edition of the CSSWG white paper. Information for participants is available from the CSSWG member area (login required).

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