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GODAE Brochure 

The GODAE brochure will help to understand what GODAE is all about. It gives an overview of the experiment, explains what GODAE has aimed to do and has achieved in the last 10 years. Examples of applications are shown and an outlook given on what is planned for the future.

Download brochure here

Addtional data-sheets

The brochure is designed around a concept that will allow to provide additional information in the future. Details about GODAE partners and their achievements, important outcomes from workshops, progress in specific research areas and more will be provided online via concicley written data-sheets.

The first data sheet (A4 double sisded) shows the current and former members of the International GODAE Steering Team (IGST). Theis and future data-sheets can be downloaded from this website.


Donwnload data-sheet 1 (IGST member) here



(Last Updated: 06-11-2008)