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GODAE Symposium II, group photo The sharing of common infrastructure and information and the provision of open, readily accessible, routine, real-time data and products is the agreed goal of GODAE. Activities leading to this goal need to be of an international dimension. Many projects and working groups have emerged from this idea and constitute the basis for the outcomes GODAE has produced.

Events and meetings

GODAE engages with the wider scientific community through the organisation of symposia and summer schools, which help to promote GODAE research in the scientific world and motivate students and young professionals who will be the principal developers and users of operational oceanographic outputs in them next 10 years.


Special working groups

GODAE interest is reaching out to new areas of research. Recently new worksing groups have been established and future meetings and workshops have been organised.


  • Argo (in collaboration with CLIVAR)
  • GHRSST (provision af a new generation of global coverage high-resolution SST-data products
  • Data Quaility Control


(Last Updated: 27-11-2012)