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Data assembly and data servers

Specialized data assembly centres (e.g. devoted to profiling floats, altimetry, NWP products, SST) collect, quality control, process and oversee real-time and delayed-mode data flow. These centres often develop higher level data products, and some of these products are directly usable for GODAE applications. Existing data centers (e.g. AVISO/DUACS, JPL/PODAAC) are outside of the GODAE Common, but may contribute to the Common through the provision of, e.g., assimilation-friendly data developed in collaboration with GODAE Assimilation Centers.

To ensure reliable, identifiable data flow to the Assimilation Centers and groups, GODAE-specific data servers have been set up.

USGODAE, Monterey, California data server

The USGODAE Monterey Data Server has been established at the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC) as an explicit U.S. contribution to GODAE. The server is run with oversight from the U.S. Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) Steering Committee and funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Support of the GODAE Monterey Data Server is accomplished by a cooperative effort between FNMOC and NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) in the on-going development of the GODAE server and the support of a collaborative network of GODAE assimilation groups.

The server hosts near real-time in-situ oceanographic data available from the Global Telecommunications System (GTS) and other FTP sites, atmospheric forcing fields suitable for driving ocean models, and unique GODAE data sets, including demonstration ocean model products. It supports GODAE participants, as well as the broader oceanographic research community, and is becoming a significant node in the international GODAE program.



Coriolis project data centre, Ifremer, Brest

The Coriolis project has been established in Brest (France) by IFREMER and its French partners (CNES, INSU, IPEV, IRD, Météo-France and SHOM) through a cooperative effort. The data centre is operated by SISMER, the national facility for in-situ real-time oceanographic data serving in France. It manages real-time in situ data either acquired during oceanographic cruises on French research vessels, available from the GTS through the GTSPP or from the Argo National Data Centres.

IFREMER has established a close relationship with FNMOC and will host the full global Argo data set on the server and will function as an Argo Global Data Assembly Centre (GDAC).


Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center (APDRC), Hawaii

The Asia-Pacific Data-Research Center (APDRC) is a branch of the IPRC and provides a climate data service. The APDRC is building towards a vision of one-stop shopping of climate data and products for users. The data server infrastructure is built on OPeNDAP. The JPL ECCO assimilation-based ocean product is one example of a dataset that is served in this way. In addition to direct access to the datasets served by the OPeNDAP servers, LAS and EPIC servers, both developed by PMEL, allow users to use search, select, make plots and download datasets all though a web-browser based interface.

The LAS enables easy regional subsetting of global gridded products. An EPIC server provides Argo float data, GODAE/FNMOC daily real-time profile data, WOCE WHPO (CTD and bottle) data, WOCE upper ocean thermal (UOT) and current meter data.


The different data assembly centers and GODAE data servers establish consistent quality control and data tracking procedures and facilitate or are involved in intercomparison exercises (e.g. comparison of products, processing methodologies). It is critical that a high level of scientific involvement of both observationalists and assimilators is maintained in order to guarantee the scientific integrity of the data.

(Last Updated: 10-09-2008)